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 SECOND PRIZE - September 2009 - Volgagrad - Rodina Mat'' Zov''yot - Mamayev Hills Zov''yot- 1969 Mamayev Kurgan. Interesting. rating: 6.69. coordinates: (48.741955°, 44.533638°) wiki:

Mamayev Kurgan

SECOND PRIZE - September 2009 - Volgagrad - Rodina Mat'' Zov''yot - Mamayev Hills Zov''yot- 1969. All Saints temple. Volgagrad - Statue ''RODINA MAT'' Or, TheMotherland Calls -1969. Стили. The styles.. volgagrad - Rodina Mat - From Inside the main Complex Building - Photo 1969.
rating: 6.69
coordinates: (48.741955°, 44.533638°)
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My travel blog
My travel blog

My name is Uliana. I was born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1986 and I am living and working there between my travels.
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