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Vista desde el mirador 1 - Va Pehuenia - Argentina Villa Pehuenia. Interesting. rating: 4.56. coordinates: (-38.886524°, -71.169388°) wiki:

Villa Pehuenia

Vista desde el mirador 1 - Va Pehuenia - Argentina. Atardecer en el camping de Va Pehuenia - Neuquen - Argentina. Isla en Villa Pehuenia. Villa Pehuenia - Lago Aluminé - Panorámica. Puerto Villa Pehuenia . DU.
rating: 4.56
coordinates: (-38.886524°, -71.169388°)
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My travel blog
My travel blog

My name is Uliana. I was born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1986 and I am living and working there between my travels.
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