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ميدان الغزالة Gazelle and the Beauty Fountain, ميدان الغزالة أو نافورة الغزالة والحسناء. Interesting. rating: 2.1. coordinates: (32.893593°, 13.187633°)

Gazelle and the Beauty Fountain, ميدان الغزالة أو نافورة الغزالة والحسناء

ميدان الغزالة. Trypolis,Libia. Al-Ghazala Square in the past. Holy peace. Terrazas en Tripoli.
rating: 2.1
coordinates: (32.893593°, 13.187633°)
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My travel blog

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Wrong ID , 02:06 06.07.15
The church in the foto is Igreja de Santo António not Igreja de São Sebastião!
, 17:45 26.06.15
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