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Staatshausen (Stanczyki) viaduct (1912-14, 1923-26) Bridges in Stańczyki. Interesting. rating: 5.13. coordinates: (54.297455°, 22.654903°) wiki:ńczyki

Bridges in Stańczyki

Staatshausen (Stanczyki) viaduct (1912-14, 1923-26). Wiadukty w Stańczykach. Stańczyki - zabytkowy most. Stańczyki - historic railway flyovers / zabytkowe wiadukty kolejowe. Wiadukty w Stańczykach.
rating: 5.13
coordinates: (54.297455°, 22.654903°)
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baluma77 , 22:40 17.12.14
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, 05:00 15.12.14
Dear DBIT,

I tries locating contact details for accommodation at the conference house but could not find it.

Please what are the booking details and costs, and contact for Emmaus Guest house for a standard...
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