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Górka Klasztorna - sanctuary stone circle Górka Klasztorna - sanctuary stone circle. Interesting. rating: 0. coordinates: (53.268288°, 17.240307°)

Górka Klasztorna - sanctuary stone circle

Górka Klasztorna - sanctuary stone circle. Aleja Kasztanowa prowadząca z Łobżenicy do Górki Klasztornej. Aleja wiodąca między polami, wchodząca do Góreckiego Gaju. Wśród kasztanowców znajduje się figura z płaskorzeźbami świętych z 1918r.. Klasztor. Górka Klasztorna - skansen maszyn rolniczych. Furta.
rating: 0
coordinates: (53.268288°, 17.240307°)
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My travel blog

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, 17:45 26.06.15
Joao Batista
6 h · São Paulo ·
sao paulo 26 de junho de 2015 brasil
eu sim surdo / gmail / facebook / outlook
Request for use of photo , 13:28 15.06.15
Dear Sir,

I am working on a Martial Arts Project and would like to use your photograph.
Would you please allow me to feature your photo of Fawang Temple?

Best regards,

Paul Taylor
, 04:43 21.05.15
maqkano po per head paq over niqht sir ?
Earl smith , 20:13 15.05.15
In my last post it was to read trailer not to love auto correct

Earl smith , 17:52 15.05.15
In the pitcure of scenic denio the trailer to the right was my grandfather's distancing (mustang smith) trailer. It had a wench on the front that he could pull the mustang in the trailer with it
Holidays come, and you will recall... it was a website... won't you?