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Shoes 2010 Shoe Fence. Interesting. rating: 0.62. coordinates: (34.082962°, -114.847420°)

Shoe Fence

Shoes 2010. Rice Shoe Fence. Chaussures au bord de la route 62 - Shoes along road 62 Vidal Ca.. Shoe Fence. 128521-128751 California 62 Vidal, CA 92280.
rating: 0.62
coordinates: (34.082962°, -114.847420°)
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radiohobo , 3.08.2017
hat is just a tiny picture, I Posted it and a bunch of others I took with SLR Cameras, I used to Stay there at Rice in my Motor Coach which is featured at my Webpage and this older page that got 'Broken' and lots of linked images are not there.

I really enjoyed living with Rattlesnakes and there was a 300 Foot Deep WELL PIPE I used for Water, a Pump enabled that. Several other Desert Rats like me also were regulars there.
Please amplify with new information, thank you


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My travel blog
My travel blog

My name is Uliana. I was born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1986 and I am living and working there between my travels.
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