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Eski Erzurum Evleri -C.A erzurum kalesi. Castle. rating: 2.89. coordinates: (39.907764°, 41.276985°)

erzurum kalesi

Eski Erzurum Evleri -C.A. Citadel of Erzurum, Erzurum, Turkey. Erzurum-Saat Kulesi.1. ERZURUM KALESİ. Erzurum Castle, Erzurum, Turkey.
rating: 2.89
coordinates: (39.907764°, 41.276985°)
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Last comments
, 04:43 21.05.15
maqkano po per head paq over niqht sir ?
Earl smith , 20:13 15.05.15
In my last post it was to read trailer not to love auto correct

Earl smith , 17:52 15.05.15
In the pitcure of scenic denio the trailer to the right was my grandfather's distancing (mustang smith) trailer. It had a wench on the front that he could pull the mustang in the trailer with it
Earl smith , 17:46 15.05.15
The old stone building was a bar with living area in the rear for the owner it was on my grandparents proerty then my parents retired on it .when my father pass my family sold it.
Antonio Cícero da Silva(Águia) , 18:50 05.05.15
Visitar a este brilhante lugar, é desfrutar das autênticas e belas apresentações e exposições presenteadas...
Holidays come, and you will recall... it was a website... won't you?