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Blechnarka k/Wysowej - cerkiew Cerkiew pw. Św.Kosmy i Damiana. Church. rating: 0.04. coordinates: (49.417782°, 21.198532°)

Cerkiew pw. Św.Kosmy i Damiana

Blechnarka k/Wysowej - cerkiew. Cerkiew w Blechnarce. Blechnarka, cerkiew filialna pw. Świętych Kosmy i Damiana. Blechnarka. Cerkiew w Blechnarce.
rating: 0.04
coordinates: (49.417782°, 21.198532°)
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, 17:12 21.03.15
I just thought you may find it interesting about the 4004 Big Boy in Cheyenne Wy. My Great Uncle Bill Kalber was actually the engineer of that train/locomotive. We have photos of him standing in front...
chandel chail hp , 17:36 17.03.15
Om shree pawasi devta
, 08:17 16.03.15
from where did u get the pic of the shiuli flower??
, 16:37 11.03.15
I was wondering why you took pictures of these particular graves. How long ago were these pictures taken?
RF , 22:44 05.03.15
La catedral está al costado Este del parque (no S); al Sur, la antigua sede el Instituto de Alajuela (edificio de balcones); al Oeste, el Centro Alajuelense de la Cultura; y al Norte, el Museo Histórico...
Holidays come, and you will recall... it was a website... won't you?