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Torre Testa fra i fiori Torre Testa del Gallico o di Capogallo . . rating: 1.57. coordinates: (40.688435°, 17.869581°)

Torre Testa del Gallico o di Capogallo

Torre Testa fra i fiori. Torre Rossa Brindisi. Apani. Torre Rossa. Torre Testa.
rating: 1.57
coordinates: (40.688435°, 17.869581°)
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Last comments , 10:52 17.04.15
Wonderful photos of beloved town DRAYKISH, amazing as well, made me yearning to come and see these places with my GOD given eyes..well done Mr Hassan Abdel Rahman/PANORAMIO/ IN Draykish/Syria, please...
df , 01:05 11.04.15
I was here yesterday-itdoesn't look like these photos!
, 00:54 01.04.15
, 17:12 21.03.15
I just thought you may find it interesting about the 4004 Big Boy in Cheyenne Wy. My Great Uncle Bill Kalber was actually the engineer of that train/locomotive. We have photos of him standing in front...
chandel chail hp , 17:36 17.03.15
Om shree pawasi devta
Holidays come, and you will recall... it was a website... won't you?