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Pałacowe zakamarki - Krzyżtopór Krzyztopor castle in Ujazd. Castle. rating: 4.91. coordinates: (50.714115°, 21.309422°) wiki:żtopór

Krzyztopor castle in Ujazd

Pałacowe zakamarki - Krzyżtopór. Krzyżtopór ; Kiedyś był tu szklany strop i akwarium .... Ujazd - Zamek Krzyż-Topór. Zamek Krzyżtopór z 1644 roku,wybudowany przez Krzysztofa Ossolinskiego,herbu Topór.Cross - ax castle built by Christopher Ossolinski in 1644.. Krzyżtopór.
rating: 4.91
coordinates: (50.714115°, 21.309422°)
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My travel blog

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M , 04:46 28.06.16
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rivingtonpike , 03:34 26.06.16
Thank you for adding the lovely photos of the Pigeon Tower!
Ann David , 10:49 13.06.16
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, 07:53 30.05.16
The local Nantwich Museum has a lot of interesting information and artefacts relating to the Civil War and the battle, including a large (3mtr) scale model of the battlefield.
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