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The interior of The Saint Isaac''s Cathedral. Saint Petersburg *** The bottom is golden and the top is blue - Glory and  Peace St.Isaac's Cathedral. UNESCO. rating: 8.93. coordinates: (59.934097°, 30.306168°) wiki:'s_Cathedral

St.Isaac's Cathedral

The interior of The Saint Isaac''s Cathedral. Saint Petersburg *** The bottom is golden and the top is blue - Glory and Peace . Saint Petersburg. View from the colonnade of Saint Isaac''s Cathedral onto Isaac Square (from the height of 43 m) *** May 08. Preparing to the Victory Day. Призраки Санкт-Петербурга.. Исаакий. Phantoms of St.-Petersburg. San Pietroburgo, cupola della Cattedrale di Sant''Isacco. Isaakievskiy cathedral. Sant Peterburg.
rating: 8.93
coordinates: (59.934097°, 30.306168°)
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My travel blog

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