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Ceremonia ancestral al mediodía - Ancestral ceremony at noon. La Valeta - Valletta, Malta. (Dedicada/dedicated a/to Jesús Municio) · © Francisco dos Santos  =================== Ver/see com. #1 Valletta. UNESCO. rating: 8.54. coordinates: (35.899269°, 14.513111°) wiki:


Ceremonia ancestral al mediodía - Ancestral ceremony at noon. La Valeta - Valletta, Malta. (Dedicada/dedicated a/to Jesús Municio) · © Francisco dos Santos =================== Ver/see com. #1. Gran panorámica de Puerto Marsamxett y la Ensenada de Sliema, Malta - Great panorama of Marsamxett Harbour and Sliema Creek, Malta (180 º) (Conviene ampliar/Should be enlarged) ===================== El sol se levanta sobre Malta - The sun rises over Malta. · © Francisco dos Santos. El sol se pone sobre Floriana, visto desde La Valeta, Malta - The sun sets over Floriana, seen from Valletta, Malta. · © Francisco dos Santos. Gran panorama del puerto de Marsamxett, Ensenada de Lazzaretto, Isla Manoel y Ensenada de Sliema, desde La Valeta - Great panorama of Marsamxett Harbour, Lazzaretto bight, Isla Manoel and Sliema bight, from Valletta. Malta. · © Francisco dos Santos =================== Ver/see com. #1 =================== (220º) 4945x800 px 0,97Mb =================== Conviene ampliar, por los detalles. - Should enlarge for detail.. Parte alta de la calle porticada frente al mar - Top of the arcaded street at the waterfront. Isla (Senglea), Malta. · © Francisco dos Santos =================== Conviene ampliar/Should be enlarged.
rating: 8.54
coordinates: (35.899269°, 14.513111°)
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My travel blog
My travel blog

My name is Uliana. I was born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1986 and I am living and working there between my travels.
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