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It\'s usually the busiest time of the year for persimmon farmers in Hsinchu County, as weather conditions of the season are ideal for the production of persimmon cakes. However, the recent arrival of Typhoon Fanapi has caused unexpected troubles to the annual event. After successive days of rain the sun finally came out as farmers in Hsinchu quickly harvested baskets of persimmon and set them out in the sun. The sun also meant that many tourists quickly took out their cameras to capture the beauty of this area. From September to December each year is persimmon harvest season, a busy time for farmers. Northeasterly monsoon winds along with the sun allow these persimmons to dry and taste better after a succession of rainy days. Some of these persimmons have experienced wet rot, increasing the cost of this manual operation as some farmers say they are helpless. Many believe the hot sun along with humidity will rise as the best thing to cool these persimmons is September wind. Now there are dehumidifiers which are helping farmers minimize their losses. Still, farmers are hoping for the heavens to give them a few more days of good weather for these yellow persimmons to earn them some income.
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